City of Mount Vernon uncovers Instagram Fake Page Scam; Alerts Residents and Police Department

We urge residents to always use precaution and refrain from releasing any personal information on social media and to follow the official City of Mount Vernon pages which include:

Instagram: @Mountvernony @MayorSPH Facebook: @CMVNY @MayorSPH Twitter: @CMVNY @MayorSPH

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard said, “These types of scams and fake page accounts have been prevalent for years within Mount Vernon. I urge residents to report any page that attempts to deliberately defraud, scam and misinform the residents of Mount Vernon. It is a great shame that someone would try to pull a stunt like this on our residents during the height of a global pandemic. We will be looking to use every resource available to bring these bad actors to light.”



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