Mount Vernon Department of Public Works — Hurricane Isaias Update

Customers Without Power — 6,161

DPW’s Storm Cleanup Operations are as follows:

Phase 1 — Clear all emergency roads of debris, tree limbs, branches, and tree leaders. This phase is contingent upon Con-Edison clearing all entangled power lines and assuring the lines are dead and the site is safe for our Tree Trimmers to complete the work necessary. We currently have 40+ locations with wires down and unsafe working conditions. Con-Edison has deployed one crew so far to begin the emergency work, with additional crews scheduled to arrive throughout the night.

Phase 2 — Assess all downed Trees and prepare the site for a safe tree removal. We currently have 80+ downed trees throughout the City to be removed, with 8 of them lodging on houses.

Phase 3 — Hand crews are placed in various areas to sweep, rake and shovel to remove all debris from roadways.

DPW Area Crews will be working throughout the night to remove as much of the downed branches and debris as possible.

Our Sweepers have been assigned to report at 12:00am Wednesday to begin sweeping all areas throughout the City. Alternate Side Parking Rules Are Still In Effect.

The Parks Department / Tree Crew will be reporting at 5:00am tomorrow morning to begin all emergency work, contingent up Con-Edison completing the necessary steps to ensure site safety.

Paper/Cardboard Recycling will be completed as per the regular Refuse Collection Schedule on Wednesday August 5, 2020

We are asking residents to please be patient as we work through these troubling times. If you have a complaint or concern you may contact our 24-Hour Emergency Line (914) 665 — 2719


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Shawyn Patterson-Howard

1st African American Woman Elected Mayor for the great City of Mount Vernon, NY.