*original statement from Mayor was included in DA Rocah’s earlier press release*

Since taking office in January, 2020 my mandate has been transformation and accountability across city agencies including the police department. We are working hard to dismantle systemic issues and reform policing to ensure that our community is a safe place for all,” said Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard. “Our administration referred multiple cases to the District Attorney for review and welcome DA Rocah’s request that DOJ add its resources to identify and address these issues for the benefit of our community.”

“The Mount Vernon police department under my leadership has embraced police reforms and transparency since I was hired as Police Commissioner” said Glenn Scott

This is the second time we’ve turned the investigations over to the DA. Previously to the former DA Anthony Scarpino and now current DA Mimi Rocah.

They have decided to turn this over to the DOJ, we are hopeful that this will lead to a conclusion in the investigation of these cases.

We have been fully cooperative with all agencies and look forward to the results we have been seeking since January 2020.

The Mount Vernon Police Department has been implementing aggressive reforms and this will only add onto the work we’ve been committed to since day 1.”



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